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The journey to enlightenment is the noblest and most rewarding of all human endeavors

Hama provides you with the wisdom and tools you’ll need to reach your destination—as well as the people you’re supposed to meet along the way. 

This page will show you how we do it.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present…

How to be a human

(a very abbreviated guide) 


You are introduced to the world, and you are purely yourself.

Since you haven’t learned how to communicate, your feelings and thoughts are your own. You know only feelings.



New ideas are given to you, and you treat them as your own.

You learn about the world. You haven’t yet learned how to distinguish your own ideas from ideas the world has given you.



You recognize your own thoughts and begin to think for yourself.

Beliefs, thought patterns, and worldviews are re-evaluated. You become open to new ideas in your search for your own truths.



You have learned how to fully think for yourself.

You have re-evaluated your life and begin to make life changes that reflect your  newfound desires and beliefs.



Also known as moksha, eternity, or heaven

You have changed your life in a way that supports your beliefs and desires.

Due to these changes, you are in a perpetual state of contentment that cannot be penetrated by the goings-on of the outside world. You are fully yourself and in control of your thoughts. While you still experience emotions like any other person, you are aware of them, know where they come from, and know how to fully process them.

You are, in a word, free.

The Path to Enlightenment

For most of human history, enlightenment has seemed out of reach, only accessible by a tiny number of people

If we look carefully, however, we’ll find that they left us clues…

The gurus of India, the saints of Christianity, and the prophets of Islam weren’t superhuman. They struggled with many of the same thoughts and feelings you do today. But they figured out how to master those thoughts and feelings, encapsulating their principles for living within books, teachings, and traditions.

As years passed, however, those books, teachings, and traditions became mired in old stories, guilt-ridden dogmas, and ego. In some (but not all) cases, what were once well-defined paths to happiness became religious doctrines competing for followers and obedience.

So, while these sources of wisdom do contain guidance for our personal growth path, they aren’t enough. They haven’t been brought up to modern standards. They reflect old beliefs, old societal standards, and in many cases, a lack of individuality.

Hama was created to breathe life into these old doctrines. To provide access to new doctrines and new tools that will help us all embrace the journey to the center of the self.

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And it all happens within a supportive community built around our shared quest for bettering our lives. 


How to be a human

an email experience from our founder, dan russell

Every week, and sometimes a couple times per week, I send an email talking about philosophy, mastery of the self, the nature of spirituality, and the pursuit of enlightenment.

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A Letter From Hama’s Founder, Dan Russell

I’ve been surrounded by personal growth for my entire adult life. Literally since I was a month out of college (when I went to Afest for the first time), the making-Dan-better train has kept moving.

My life over the past several years has had one theme: finding my center. For anyone who embarks on the personal growth path, healing inevitably rears its head as the biggest obstacle to becoming enlightened.

Medicine, breathwork, meditation, and other modalities often receive the lion’s share of the attention for personal growth matters. And while these 

There’s more to life than healing trauma. There’s bliss beyond the pain, and the purpose of life is to find that bliss. 

Hama crafts events and hosts a community which help you squeeze the juice out of life. We want to help you become present in your body to such an extent that your mind is clear to focus on truly living.

I invite you to experience Hama for yourself. Begin by reading our blog, joining our community, and exploring our upcoming events. See what speaks to you, and enjoy the process. 

Wishing you abundance in your journey ahead,

Dan Russell