THE HAMA Community

The One Moksha Network is a free and secure place to pursue your growth path with honesty and intention

Other personal growth communities are really just giant online course platforms. At Hama, we believe authentic relationships are at the heart of what makes a community great. 

That’s why we built a community that prioritizes quality connections and supports conversations that help us evolve together.

Our shared community goal

We seek to achieve permanent happiness, or moksha, in each of our lives.

Moksha is a Hindu term for personal freedom and liberation. It refers to the state of permanent happiness and tranquility achieved by history’s spiritual leaders, saints, and gurus. 

We believe that if they can do it, so can we. 

This state of happiness is very real and very attainable, and it has nothing to do with religion or faith. Although moksha is a concept derived from Hinduism, many other personal growth frameworks and world views, from Taoism to modern coaching, have sought to build a roadmap toward this state of permanent happiness.

The One Moksha Network, the community that Hama exists within, is the best place to learn about and openly discuss different paths of personal mastery. We bring in the brightest minds, the wisest leaders, and the most cutting-edge tools to support our members in the journey toward enlightenment and lasting happiness.

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Mantra Mixers

The path toward personal mastery can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be

When you level up your life, you also level up your standards. This is why it’s quite common for people to outgrow old friendships as they move closer to attaining personal mastery.

This process can be difficult, but it also opens up space for new relationships to form—relationships which last a lifetime and support you in deeper and more meaningful ways. 

It can be difficult, if not seem outright impossible, to surround ourselves with the right people who will serve as the foundation of this new “chosen family. This is especially true when we first embark on our personal growth journey.

This is the reason Hama hosts Mantra Mixers. 

Mantra Mixers are 30-minute calls that allow you to meet other members of the Hama community through brief, informal calls that follow a speed dating format. Each call focuses on a mantra of the day that sets the tone and focus for your discussions. After you connect and chat with a few fellow Hama members, you’ll have the choice to connect with them through the online portal and keep in touch.

Included with Your membership

Mantra Mixers

Jump on for a half hour call to meet a few of your fellow community members and discuss the Mantra of the Day. Mantra Mixers follow a speed dating format, which means you’ll have enough time to connect with between two and four fellow members over the course of one call. When you’re done, you can keep the conversations going through your membership portal.

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integration circles

Friends don’t let friends integrate alone

If you’re in the Hama community, then before long, you’ll likely encounter a breakthrough. A dedication to personal growth will always lead to breakthroughs, and those breakthroughs have the potential to change our lives—if we give ourselves the space to let it happen.

Our Integration Circles are exactly that: space to integrate what you’ve learned from your breakthrough into your daily beliefs and actions. 

Whether you’ve just completed your weekly therapy session or just come back from an Ayahuasca retreat, our Integration Circles are designed to give you space to share, process, and practice your newfound mindset, reinforce new beliefs, and plan for major life changes. 

You’ll be in good hands, too. Our on-staff facilitators have years of experience with guiding the integration process for a wide variety of healing modalities. Our Integration Circles are also size-controlled to avoid overwhelming energy or overcommitment of Hama’s team.

Included with Your membership

Integration Circles

Whether you are processing a breakthrough or just came back from a healing or transformative experience, our Integration Circles are a soft place to land. You’ll be supported in a small-group format to move through your recent insights and how they can be applied healthfully in different areas of your life.

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Trusted Guides

Searching for trusted guides can feel like you’re walking through a minefield

It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking a psychotherapist, a shaman, or a reiki healer—finding the right guide for your healing or transformation journey can be difficult.

That’s why we provide members of the Hama community with our Trusted Guides database. 

When a member of our community (a “Haman”) finds a trustworthy, proven healer or transformational guide, from a doctor to a coach, they verify that person in our database and provide a detailed testimonial and a method of getting an introduction.

This is one way that we keep increasing the quality of our referrals. Our Trusted Guides database ensures that every Haman gets access to the highest-quality sources of support, even in the case of unregulated or overseas specialties.

Included with Your membership

Trusted Guides

Get unlimited access to our private database of verified healers, doctors, shamans, and medicine men and women who are trusted and verified by a member of the Hama community.