Hama's Purpose

What we believe

Use this page to read about our mission, our philosophy, and our values at Hama. We hope you resonate with them.

Hama's Purpose

At Hama, we believe our communities deserve high quality resources, deep community connections, and personal growth experiences that enliven the spirit and broaden the mind. We believe that thoughtful, safe space is an essential element of the human experience—a millennia-old tradition that opens and fills a part of us that is always seeking to overflow, to be seen, to be immersed, and to celebrate life. We believe enlightenment is the birthright of every human being and that attaining it requires us to be present in the right space.

Space is not just physical; it is also emotional. To live life in the “right spaces” is to live a life of vitality. Physical space, designed with intention, gives our bodies permission to relax. Emotional space, crafted with patience and love, gives our minds and hearts the freedom to open and receive.

At Hama, we give you both. Our mission is to gather enlightenment seekers together and to help push humanity forward toward an age of reason. Our commitment is to immerse you in the right space, surround you with the right people, and fill you up with the right experiences so you can continue on your journey through life feeling whole and complete.

Our Core Values

Our core values drive our behaviors, the content we create, and the energy we bring to everything we do at Hama. Whether it’s online or virtual, our interactions with community members rest on the foundation of these values.


We believe in holding an honest and holistic perspective on what it means to be a human being. Our lives are filled with bliss as well as pain, and sometimes both at the same time. We honor the journey in between the extremes as our team and members seek to find balance in all things.


Just as gravity pulls a rock as it tumbles down a mountain, so too does life push us to smash and crack against obstacles in our path. We believe these obstacles are gifts—sacred experiences to be cherished as much as the good times, as they provide us with rare opportunities for fast, effective growth. Healing is the method by which we experience this growth, and it comes in many forms. Our commitment is to constantly explore ways to introduce new and effective healing modalities for our members so they can continue their journey of self-discovery.


We believe the ego is something to be cherished, but not abused. Our identity is consciousness itself—the observer of all things. We seek to live in a way that expresses pride without boasting, supports others without expectation of reciprocity, and willingly receives without fear of judgment.


We believe the purpose of life is to be happy, and that the path to happiness is also the one path we must walk alone. We may model others’ behavior, seek out new doctrines, or even fill our lives with material abundance, but at the end of it all, we must choose joy instead of expecting it to show up. Hama is a place where you can safely explore new ways of thinking, as well as spend time with other conscious, self-aware people on the path toward happiness, to continue the journey of finding your own bliss.


A sanctuary is a feeling, not a place. It can exist one moment in one place, and then never again in the same place. The feeling of home is almost impossible to replicate. It’s an energetic field of safety, comfort, and familiarity. It’s an environment that makes us feel whole. At Hama, we honor the sanctity of the feeling of home by creating and protecting spaces that welcome you, make you feel like you’ve been here before, and fill you up with the energy you need to live life with passion and ease.

The Four Pillars of Enlightenment

Hama Community Values

Although there isn’t a one-size-fits-all path to happiness, there are some fundamental truths about being a human that Hama’s content revolves around. We refer to these fundamental truths as the Four Pillars of Enlightenment: Purpose, Perspective, Presence, and Participation.



I am pursuing my calling and operating from flow

Having purpose in our lives means that we are always moving forward. The truth we seek in this pillar is our calling. When we dedicate ourselves to the path of finding what we are truly passionate about, we find that ease and flow enter our lives in a way we could never have imagined. Money flows easily, time is spent in service of others, and the journey of achieving goals becomes just as rewarding as achievement itself.



I see myself in the people and things that surround me

Living inside our own minds can become lonely with time. It can also inflate our egos, making it difficult to contribute to and interact with the world. Adopting the perspective of other people, and even other things, widens our aperture for empathy and service. When we begin to learn how to adopt perspectives other than our own, we discover the truth within this pillar: our worldview.



I am receiving from, and contributing to, the abundance of the universe

Life is not possible without the exchange of energy. We exchange energy with the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. We also exchange energy with people through conversations, service, and love. When we embrace these exchanges and participate in the world around us, we discover the truth in this pillar: our ego. Once discovered, our ego can be made into an ally rather than an agent of isolation and destruction.



I am fully living in the present moment

Being fully present is a difficult undertaking at first. For many of us, concerns about the past and worries about the future easily dominate our minds and pull us from being in the here and now. When we are fully ‘in’ our bodies and living in the present moment, we discover the truth of this pillar: our feelings.

Where does the name "Hama" come from?

To our community, Hama is an untranslatable word. Although it is also the name of a city in Syria and a company in Germany, these weren’t the inspiration for the name.

The name Hama was born out of a deep meditation by one of our founding members. It started out as a simple, soothing sound. Almost a sigh. But there was something more behind this sound. It felt like home. Like soft, warm happiness.

Those were all feelings that we wished to evoke through the lifestyle we promote through Hama. We pursue infinite and permanent happiness. The Hindus call it moksha, the Western world calls it enlightenment, and many other religions call it heaven.

So we chose to turn the sound of Hama into our own word, and we used it as the name for our community. We bring the essence behind Hama into everything we create and do.