Tao to Tango

Hosted at Hama House — Vero Beach, FL

Tao to Tango is a four-day couples’ retreat designed to revitalize your relationship through immersive experiences that will help you and your partner discover yourselves—so you can rediscover each other.

Find your center as a couple​

The Tao (pronounced “dow”) is the conceptual center of all things. It lives in the void between happiness and sadness, hot and cold, and all of the Universe’s other extremes.

The Tao exists within us, too, and we experience its rich vacuum when we are centered, living true to ourselves and in balance with the world.

When a couple in love are able to find the Tao in themselves and their partner, their relationship flourishes. Regardless of age, sexual orientation, or the relationship’s length, if both sides of a sacred union can see and honor their own true center and that of their “better half,” sparks will fly for a lifetime.

Read this Before Going on…

Tao to Tango is for couples in love who are seeking more depth in their relationship and who want to explore new and exciting ways to immerse themselves in, and explore, their bond.

A Letter From The FouNder

This retreat is not for those trying to mend a union that is “on the rocks.” Tao to Tango not couples’ therapy—it is couples’ revitalization, an experience that will show those who are already happily joined how they can achieve even deeper intimacy in their relationship.

It’s also not a walk in the park. This experience will uncover your relationship’s next “growth edges.” In other words, you’ll be empowered to challenge the beliefs and past experiences that are limiting you from fully honoring and celebrating yourself and your partner. You can learn more about each of these growth edges on this page.

This experience will have a stunning, profound impact on the quality of your relationship.  Tao to Tango draws from the years of experience from our expert practitioners (ranging from healers to adventure guides), as well as the lessons learned in building the thriving relationship I share with my wife, Melanie. 

In case you don’t know us (in which case, thanks for visiting!), Melanie and I met in 2017 at an entrepreneur summer camp called Camp Maverick. We had 11 years between us, lived 2,000 miles apart, and had WILDLY different backgrounds. And yet, our relationship worked. And kept working—and then blossomed. That’s not to say we didn’t have our fights and moments of weakness, though. We’re a stronger couple because of those moments, but we’re even stronger because of the personal growth work we dedicated ourselves to over the years.

Tao to Tango contains those same elements of personal growth, all wrapped in a transformational, grounding, and relaxing experience. Yes, it requires commitment and discipline, which is why this experience is only for the select few people who truly want to go deeper with their partner. If that’s you, I invite you to schedule a Vibe Check so we can chat and talk more.

Dan Russell

Founder of Hama

Dan Russell and Melanie Spring

What do you really want?

Your relationship doesn’t evolve as fast as you do. Your needs and desires change with time, as do those of your partner. 

Melanie and I have encountered this several times in our marriage. As we’ve gone deeper into our personal growth practice, our desires and priorities have shifted. We needed a way to keep tabs on each other to ensure we were always serving our relationship at the highest possible level.

We built rituals, practiced new kinds of dialogue, and created experiences for ourselves that helped us open up to each other. But at the end of the day, it all boiled down to how well we could answer a single question: what do you really want?

Tao to Tango is designed around those very same rituals, open dialogue, and experiences to help you and your partner open up and feel comfortable asking for what you truly want.

Retreat Objective

Growth Edge #1

Learn To Ask For What You Want

Discover Deep Intimacy together

Deep Intimacy is the goal for every couple that experiences Tao to Tango. Deep Intimacy is soul-filling. Sacred. It is love manifested. It is at once stratospheric and grounding—simultaneously erotic and pure. But above all that, above all the fireworks and passion, Deep Intimacy is one thing: honest.

To achieve Deep Intimacy, both sides of a relationship must be honest not only with each other, but more importantly, with themselves. When you do this, you and your partner truly see eye to eye—truly see each other without the baggage, the judgment, the stress, or the armor. Only then can you experience love in its purest form.

Retreat Objective

Growth Edge #2

Experience & Navigate “Deep Intimacy”

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It's not always easy, but it is always worth it.

There are two ingredients required to be truly honesty with yourself and your partner. The first ingredient is courage.

Courage to share how you feel, to share what you want, to be you… and most importantly, to be honest all the time.

This is no small thing, as total honesty introduces the possibility of judgment and rejection. But, when employed in the right environment and with the right people, honesty leads to breakthroughs.

This is why, at Hama, we put so much love and intention into the second ingredient: creating a sacred space for you and your partner’s honesty to feel natural and celebrated.

Retreat Objective

Growth Edge #3

Have A Truly Honest Conversation

Immerse yourself in sacred space

Our “space” is what makes Hama experiences so unique. The set and setting of our experiences are created with thoughtful intention around whatever outcome we’re seeking for our guests.

In this case, that outcome is honesty, one of the most delicate human traits imaginable.

As such, Tao to Tango will be immersive. Our team will be creating sensory-rich experiences to help you remain in an open state for as long as possible.

It will also be communal. Most of the group time will be physically held in an open meditation room format so our team can manage and support the energy of the group. When you’re ready, you can retire to your private room.

Finally, Tao to Tango will be intimate. We limit capacity to a small number of couples in order to respect privacy and, just as importantly, encourage you to witness Deep Intimacy in other relationships, making it easier to see in your own.

Retreat Objective

Growth Edge #4

Connect With & Learn From Other Deeply-Intimate Couples

What kinds of sessions can I expect?

Rather than publish an agenda, we like to share Session Summaries to help you get an idea of what to expect—without ruining the surprises along the way.

Session Summaries

Intention Setting

Your intention is a stated desired outcome you create at the outset of your retreat experience. It strikes at the heart of what you need most in order to experience rapid transformation. At the outset of Tao to Tango, we’ll walk you through exercises to help you identify your own intention. 

Grounding Sessions

Grounding sessions are used to prepare your body and mind for a transformative experience. You’ll sit in your meditation spot and be gently guided through exercises to get you out of your head and into your body. Once a grounding session is over, you’ll feel more open, calm, and ready to go inward.

Guided Meditations

Each of Hama’s guided meditations are slightly different in its focus, soundtrack, and energy. This is to help you approach your intention from multiple angles and uncover truths about yourself that wouldn’t otherwise be uncovered. 

You’ll emerge from each of our guided meditations feeling alive and in touch with your self.

Integration Roundtables

An integration roundtable is a group discussion during which you’ll have the opportunity to listen & share about lessons learned from your meditations. 

These roundtables are held throughout the retreat experience to help you keep track of your progress toward your intention.

Massage & Somatic Work​

Your body knows more about your state of mind than your waking, conscious mind. When you feel ill, or you have a tight muscle, in more cases than not, that’s your body compensating for something. 

Whether it’s stored emotion, limiting beliefs, or past trauma, massage and somatic work can help relieve and release your body.

Hama Sound Bath

The Hama Sound Bath features an expert sound healer who has years of experience in creating and holding space for sound healing and energy cleansing.

From crystal sound bowls to tuning forks, our sound healer knows how to “tap in” to what you need in the moment and create a unique sound bath experience for you alone.

What do you take home with you?

Tangible Takeaway

Integration Plan + 2 Live Calls

Your Integration Plan will help you with “re-entry” back into the real world, ensuring your takeaways and new mindsets that you gained don’t go away.

Integration of deeply transformative experiences can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. 

Our team is trained in integration protocols and ready with the right tools to help you plan ahead for your own integration. This is all in an effort to make sure you receive permanent positive changes from your retreat experience.


Tangible Takeaway

6 Months of Sanctuary Access

As a retreat member, you receive 6 months of complimentary access to The Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is Hama’s private community of enlightenment seekers. Inside, you’ll find bi-weekly integration circles to help you on your integration, valuable discussions on personal growth, healing, and spirituality, and other resources to support you on your path to personal mastery.

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The Hama Vibe

The Hama Vibe

One of the hardest parts to describe about the Hama experience is also the top reason past guests have given the type of feedback they have: the Hama Vibe.

It’s not one thing that we can point to, like, “yup, it’s the candles.”

It’s everything we put into creating the sacred space for your experience, from the creature comforts to the “little things” and all the way to the spiritual energy we pour into the space prior to and during your stay.

The Hama Vibe is very real, and once you feel it, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

Everything is taken care of.

When was the last time you completely surrendered and consciously decided to trust that things will work out? 

This ability to trust—in the universe and in yourself—is a large part of finding your center and pursuing personal mastery. 

We’ve designed this experience to let you practice trusting and surrendering—and that comes with the reward of being delighted and completely present.

We invite you to arrive at the Signature Retreat ready to embrace whatever experiences may arise, whether they are blissful or challenging. The reward, beyond the perks of the experience itself, will be a long-term mindset that celebrates the unknown, embraces obstacles, and sees the abundance in every moment.

Reserve Your Spot For Tao to Tango

Location: Hama House – Vero Beach, FL

If you’re interested in attending Tao to Tango, the first step is to reserve your spot. It doesn’t cost any money and carries no obligation—it just saves your spot in line.

Once you reserve your spot, we’ll schedule a 15-minute Vibe Check Call. This is a quick chat with Hama’s founder, Dan Russell to help us get to know each other. 

It’s informal, quick, and an opportunity for you to ask your own questions. If we agree this experience is right for you, then we’ll move forward with registration details.

Retreat Calendar

FEB 15-18


8 Spots available

Planning a private Event?

Click the “Go Private” button to connect with us about planning a private Signature Retreat for your group.

The registration process



Once you are ready to save a spot at Tao to Tango, this page will allow you to schedule a Vibe Check call.

This is a discussion in which we can go through more event details, answer your questions, and figure out if it’s the right time for you and your partner to attend Tao to Tango.

Next 7-14 Days


You’ll jump on a call with Hama’s founder, Dan Russell, to figure out whether Tao to Tango is the right fit for you.

If it is, we’ll save your spot and get you familiarize with the plan, including travel and accommodation details.

Next few weeks

Intention Planning

Once your Vibe Check call is complete, we’ll schedule another longer call with you and your partner to discuss your relationship and your desired outcomes for the retreat. 

You’ll also be provided with checkpoints over text and email as the retreat approaches to help you prepare for the experience.

Event starts

Arrive in Vero bEach

You’ll arrive in Vero Beach at 5pm on your first day. From there, the retreat begins! 

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If now is the right time for you and your partner to experience Tao to Tango, click the button to view the upcoming retreat schedule.

Facilitators & Tools

Dan Russell

Space Maker

Founder of Hama

Melanie Spring

Leader Of The Brilliant Rebellion

Founder of Confidancia


Expert Facilitators

Healers, Artists, and other experts

(Kept Secret Until You Arrive)

The Tao to Tango retreat will be led by Hama’s founder, Dan Russell, and his wife, Melanie Spring. 

Dan is known as the Space Maker because of his unique ability to create and hold the “Hama Vibe” in whatever spaces we use for our experiences. 

Melanie is a world-renowned expert at activating the “Brilliant Rebel” in all of us, and practices healing work through Hama retreats as well as her own company, Confidancia.

We also bring in a variety of expert facilitators who will support in special exercises as well as healing and integration processes. These experts include sound healers, those trained in cutting-edge therapeutic technology, high adventure guides, artists, and more.

We like to keep the exact details around each retreat’s featured experts a secret, though, so it’s just a little more special on the day (and as a way to help you practice releasing expectation)!

Rest assured that, while your relationship is your own path to walk with your partner, you will be surrounded by the people and tools that will make Tao to Tango one of the top experiences of your life.

Retreat Agenda

Day one

Finding yourself

Day Two

Finding each other

Day Three

Enjoying your Tao

Day Four

Moving forward
Sunrise yoga

Pre-Retreat Logistics

Pre-Retreat Logistics

Our commitment to you is that for every Hama experience you join, you’ll walk in with certainty and walk out with clarity.

To that end, we’ve planned some details in this section which will help you know what you’re walking into.

Interested In Attending?

Where You’ll Be Staying

There are two options for accommodations at Tao to Tango. The choice is yours as to which would make you feel most comfortable. Once a deposit is placed and a Vibe Check call is scheduled, our team will be happy to help you decide which option fits you best.

The Hama House is a four-bedroom home on the island of Vero Beach. It’s the home of Hama founders Dan and Melanie Russell and plays host to many of the retreat activities that you’ll be experiencing during Tao to Tango.

There are several excellent beachfront hotels available within walking distance (or a short golf cart ride, the main mode of transport in Vero Beach) from the Hama House. Our two favorites are the Vero Beach Hotel & Spa (by Kimpton) and Costa d’Este Beachfront Resort.

Total Time Commitment

Including arrival and departure days, this retreat lasts four days in total. You’ll have plenty of downtime and space to rest, relax, and connect with your partner. Arrival is scheduled for 5pm on day one and departure is scheduled for the morning of day four.

Food & Drink

All food and drinks are covered with your registration fee. Due to the intensity of the experience, we don’t provide alcoholic beverages for the first half of the retreat.


Vero Beach is served primarily by Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Sanford International Airport (SFB). 

Two closer, but smaller, airports are Melbourne Orlando International Airport (MLB) and Vero Beach Airport (VRB). Flights are limited depending on where you live, but we recommend checking both just in case!

Once you land, you’ll want to rent a car to drive to Vero Beach (it’s about a 90-minute drive—but worth it!). We’ve also helped guests coordinate carpools in case their travel plans overlap.

Ready To Take the Next Step?

If now is the right time for you and your partner to experience Tao to Tango, click the button to view the upcoming retreat schedule.

Frequently thought-of questions

Tao to Tango is filled with a variety of sessions that are all designed to help you get in touch with yourself and connect with your partner more deeply.

We use several modalities to achieve this, including healing medicine, breathwork, sound baths, and more. 

Once you schedule your Vibe Check call and place a deposit, we’ll connect with you to walk through the modalities being used at this retreat in more detail.

Like a stone tumbling down a mountain, the gravity of life causes us to smash and scrape against obstacles as we move through our world. These events can cause us to get “off-center,” or even experience trauma.

Healing is the process by which we learn to healthfully process trauma and get back to center. When we say we are helping you “heal,” it’s about bringing more peace and ease into your inner world.

Not necessarily.

Depending on how long it’s been since your last Hama event, and how confident you are that Tao to Tango is the right fit for your desired outcomes right now, we can skip the Vibe Check call and move right into the Intention call. The choice is completely yours.

There are two options for accommodations at Tao to Tango. The first option is to stay at the Hama House, which is the home of Hama founder Dan Russell and his wife, Melanie Spring. These rooms are available on a first-come first-served basis and are usually in higher demand.

The second option, or if the Hama House rooms have been filled, is to stay at one of several beachfront hotels or resorts six blocks away (golf carts and other transportation options will be provided for those who prefer not to walk).

For more information on the available accommodations, click here to view the Retreat Logistics section of the page.