Tao to Tango

Hosted at Hama House — Vero Beach, FL

Tao to Tango is a four-day couples’ retreat designed to revitalize your relationship through immersive experiences that will help you and your partner discover yourselves—so you can rediscover each other.

"Since completing the Hama retreat, I have noticed a significant improvement in my mental health and overall well-being. I feel more grounded, more connected to myself and others, and more able to cope with the challenges of life. Months later, I reflect on my time with Hama and still feel a sense of sharp resolve to focus on what I WANT."

Chuck Neddermeyer Founder - The Onyx Movement

"Hama is more than events. It's an invitation to truly step into the human experience the way it should be. For those who seek clarity, commune, and healing within and without, Hama is waiting for you."

Liz Murphy Founder - Buona Volpe
Liz Murphy

"Hama challenged me, in all the right ways, to explore the depths of self exploration, and they supported me with love and wisdom every step of the way."

Collette Bowers-Zinn Founder - Zinn Ed
Collette Bowers Zinn

"Hama was amazing. Dan and Melanie are rockstars. I am bringing friends and family to the Hama experience."

Lexi Tucker Founder - Tucker Tree Consulting
Lexi Tucker

"I came to a Hama event and walked away with an incredible experience and connection with other people that transcended the surface, allowed me to feel loved and love others in a deeper way."

Staeven Frey Founder - Quantum Branding
Stæven Frey

Find your center as a couple​

The Tao (pronounced “dow”) is the conceptual center of all things. It lives in the void between happiness and sadness, hot and cold, and all of the Universe’s other extremes.

The Tao exists within us, too, and we experience its rich vacuum when we are centered, living true to ourselves and in balance with the world.

When a couple in love are able to find the Tao in themselves and their partner, their relationship flourishes. Regardless of age, sexual orientation, or the relationship’s length, if both sides of a sacred union can see and honor their own true center and that of their “better half,” sparks will fly for a lifetime.