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Membership setup

Welcome to Hama

Hey there! I’m Dan, the founder of Hama. You’ve found your way to the first step in joining our community of enlightenment seekers. 

Membership in Hama comes with several perks, including access to our closed-door Fireside Discussions, Integration Circles, Mantra Mixers, and more. Through each of these (and more) resources Hama provides the community, you’ll be able to go deeper into your healing journey, pursue personal mastery, and meet incredible people who are on the same path as you.

There are a few rules to review before admitting you as a new member—or Haman, as we call ourselves. First and foremost, we have our community principles:

Community Principles

These principles guide the interactions that Hamans experience on a daily basis within the community portal and at Hama’s events. I encourage you to read through them thoughtfully, as they will inevitably unlock a deeper sense of connection with your fellow Hamans and accelerate your findings as you move forward.

What happens here stays here

Next, in order to ensure that you are supported by others AND being of support within the community, each member of Hama must read and agree to our Member Promise. 

Everyone inside the community has signed the promise, from online members to attendees of our in-person events. This is one way that we ensure every Haman is fully and completely dedicated to their personal growth journey. Put simply, this is how we keep out all the tire-kickers and “negative Nancies.”

Please read through the promise below and then, when you’re ready, sign it and provide your email address so we can move on to the next step in setting up your account. If you have questions, please feel free to send them to hello@hamasocial.com.